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Ever walked into a friend’s home that felt open, airy, and inviting? Your friend is a clutter buster – and you can be, too. The trick is to zap it at the source. Focus on the hot spots where clutter gathers – then bust it.

Remove Clutter from your Home
  • Catch it at the door

    Clutter has a way of creeping in from the outside. Putting baskets, hooks, and trays at every entryway can help keep stray items from cluttering your home. Set a table with baskets near the door; hang a row of hooks above it. Now your keys, mail, and sunglasses have a home of their own.

  • Organize your junk drawer

    You know the adage, a place for everything and everything in its place? For some items, the only rational place is a junk drawer – that catchall spot, usually in the kitchen, where you put things that just don’t seem to have a logical home. Do weed through it every few months so it doesn’t get overstuffed.

  • Put small appliances out of sight

    How much play does your blender really get? How about your food processor? Unless you use small appliances more than a couple times a week, don’t keep them on the counter – they’re taking up valuable real estate and cluttering up your kitchen. The time it takes to pull them out and then put them away is worth the extra counter space you’ll gain.

  • Unencumber your fridge

    Is the door covered top to bottom with old take-out menus, emergency numbers from four years ago, and sauce-splattered snapshots? Take it all down and wipe down the refrigerator with Sparkle® paper towels. Your kitchen will feel so much brighter with a clean, bright, empty space. If you really hate to part with those pics, create a bordered square in one spot and keep them contained within it.

  • Make use of wall space

    Instead of strewing stray items across a table or countertop, arrange them artistically on a shelf or display them from a hook. Voila – now they’re organized, and adding a touch of extra decor to boot. Hang necklaces in the bedroom, cooking utensils in the kitchen – your imagination is the limit.

*Article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens

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