With my kids heading back to the classroom very soon, I’ve been on overdrive trying to make sure that every item on my to-do list is checked off and that I’ve purchased everything that I need for a successful school year. Of course I’ve taken care of the obvious suspects like clothes and book bags and shoes but for me, it’s some of the often overlooked essentials that keep our home and the kids’ classrooms running smoothly during the back-to-school season. While I think there’s pretty good chance that you’ve worked your way through a big portion of your back-to-school list by now, I wanted to share with you not only a perfect way to save when stocking up on some of the less thought about back-to-school essentials but also a tutorial for a easy glass apple that makes a fabulous teacher gift and is sure to make your child the apple of their teacher’s eye.


Now, before we get to this easy glass apple tutorial, let’s talk a little bit more about back-to-school essentials why don’t we? While every mom out there immediately sees images of yellow #2 pencils and markers and crayons dancing through her when I say back-to-school supplies, at my children’s school I know that some of the less thought about supplies are in high demand. Remember that I have a little guy and there is always a need at home and in the classroom for paper towels. That’s why I’m beyond excited that Dollar General has super cute and super affordable Sparkle® 3 Huge Roll from Georgia Pacific. Not only are these rolls of paper towels extra big and extra value priced but they have adorable back-to-school messages on them that make the the perfect choice for lunchboxes, crafts and home and spills in the classroom.

While we were at Dollar General purchasing these must-have paper towels, I was thrilled to see and find great prices on a variety of back-to-school paper products that we need both for our home and to donate to the classroom. After picking up of course the back-to-school themed Sparkle® 3 Huge Roll pack, located in-store under category “BTS Set,” or online, we also grabbed the Sparkle® Paper Towels 8 Big Rolls, located in-store under category “Uboat,” or online. Lastly, we grabbed Angel Soft® Toilet Paper 9 Mega Rolls, located in-stores under category “Value Pack Set,” or online. With prices that were simply perfect for our back-to-school budget, I had no problem picking up plenty for both my own home and to donate to my youngest son’s classroom. Even better, I knew that my purchases at Dollar General help support the Dollar General Literacy Foundation whose goal is to increase access to programs that are designed to help adults and youth who are struggling with basic literacy and education! As I prepared for back-to-school, it just seemed like a perfect way to support education in general!

With plenty of paper products in hand to help clean up all the back-to-school messes in both my own home and my children’s classrooms, I decided that one last craft was in order to present to my youngest son’s teacher along with the fabulously priced paper towels we had found at Dollar General. Since I knew that I had plenty of products on hand to help clean up messes, I decided to let my littlest get involved and make a glass apple that makes a perfect teacher gift.


    • Sparkle® Paper Towels
    • 1 Small Round Glass Candle Holder
    • Red Paint
    • Foam Brushes
    • Red Paper Confetti
    • Brown and Green Felt
    • Scissors
    • Glue

    This glass apple craft is so simply to make, ensuring it’s perfect for even the littlest students! To start, I let my little guy paint the glass vases with his red paint.

    Now I will admit, this got a little messy (because, well, all good crafts do!). But that was OK because when he would make a mess (or simply wrap his entire hand around his freshly painted vase), I didn’t stress and instead simply wiped it up with my Sparkle® Paper Towels from Dollar General.

    Once his vases were painted, I set them on a Sparkle® paper towel to dry so that my table stayed nice and clean. Once the paint on the outside was dry, I let him stuff the inside of each vase with red paper confetti.

    Next, we needed to make a stem and leaves to finish off our glass apple so I helped him cut a strip of brown felt and roll it up. We then secured it with glue and attached some leaves we had cut from the green felt.

    Once our stem and leaves were done, he simply pushed it down into the paper confetti and secured it with a dot of glue.

    Just like that we had a fun teacher gift to give to my children’s teachers that was made by them and oh so adorable.

    The best part was, we didn’t have a bit of mess to clean up when we were done because we were using our Sparkle® Paper Towels along the way to keep our crafting clean.

    After seeing how effective the paper products we had picked up at Dollar General were in our simple craft, I had no doubt that they would be even more useful in the classroom! In fact, the special back-to-school messaging on the Sparkle® 3 Huge Roll pack pack paired perfectly with our fun craft!

    Now, as we finish our back-to-school preparations, I’ve got everything I need to send my kids back to class in a way that will help keep their world clean all year long! While my home is fully stocked, I have no doubt that their classrooms are stocked as well with Sparkle® and Angle Soft® products that will help make this the most successful school year yet.

    Now it’s your turn! As you finish up your last minute back-to-school shopping, be sure to pick up the fabulously priced Sparkle® and Angel Soft® products that are located conveniently at Dollar General.

    With prices you’ll love at the store you trust, you’ll be able to stock up your home and your children’s classroom in one simple trip! Plus, don’t forget to pick up the back-to-school themed Sparkle® 3 Huge Roll pack either in store or online today!

    In the month of August, Dollar General is offering great deals on Georgia Pacific products: Buy any 2 Quiled Northern Packs and save $2, Spend $15 and save $3 on participating BTS products (Includes Sparkle® 3 Huge Roll — BTS Exclusive Pack), and Get Angel Soft Toilet Paper 9 Mega Rolls 2/$15.

    Now tell me, how will stocking up on Sparkle® and Angel Soft® products from Dollar General help you prepare for the new school year?

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