How to Host a Holiday Cookie Decorating Party


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Cookie Decorating is a timeless tradition that most of us have all done at some point in time around the holidays. Many families enjoy the wonderful tradition of holiday cookie decorating parties, ours sure does!

First things first though, head on over to Dollar General and stock up on Sparkle® Paper Towels and Dixie® Paper Plates and Bowls. These will be necessary for this quick, simple, and fun cookie decorating party. Plus, there’s a coupon offer on participating products. These necessities are not to be missed!



This could be just with your immediate family, a few close friends, or the whole neighborhood. It really doesn’t matter how many people, it’s just a fun time to enjoy with your family during the holidays. Plus, we all know that Santa needs his cookies—right?

How to Host a Holiday Cookie Decorating Party

Once you have your guest list all ready to go with family and friends coming over, it’s time to get this party all set up.I tend to lean on paper goods for these parties, primarily to aid in clean up. Let’s face it: frosting and sprinkles can get messy very quickly, so having paper products on hand like Sparkle paper towels is necessary.

Use Sparkle Paper Towels as Placemats



For each guests attending the cookie decorating party, we like to use the paper towels as a placemat.

Why is this?



Because the frosting will at some point end up on the fingers of your little guests and this way they can easily wipe it off on their placemat. And with the great value we get on Sparkle Paper Towels at Dollar General, we don’t mind utilizing them in a few different ways!

Add Dixie Paper Plates to Each Placemat!

On top of each sparkle paper towel, we add a dixie paper plate. Right now at Dollar General, there are a variety of holiday plates to choose from. These make for a great festive touch to your holiday decorating party.


This is a great time to save now on Dollar General Products, too, by heading here for coupon offers on products used right in this post!We were even able to stock up on sprinkles and candies to top our cookies with, too, plus the frosting as well!

Use Dixie Paper Bowls for the Sprinkles & Frosting



Once we have our placemats and plates all ready to go, we then fill up a Dixie paper bowl with each type of sprinkles. I add a plastic spoon to these bowls.


Then, we do the same with the different colors of frosting and add in a plastic knife for spreading, too.


Each of these is set up on the table so that all the guests can easily get to each type of sprinkles or frosting they prefer.

Use Sugar Cookies or a Classic Christmas Cookie

We use our go-to Old Fashioned Christmas Cookies for our decorating parties; however, you can easily use your favorite sugar cookie recipe.


I typically make these the day before, then they are fully cooled and ready to be topped with goodies for our party. We add these to a tray and let the guests all pick out which cookies they want to frost.

Add some Festive To-Go Boxes

Also at Dollar General, it’s easy to find some festive to-go tins or boxes during the holidays. These are perfect to have for guests to put their cookies in.



This way, they can all take them with them because we all know that as moms…those kids aren’t eating ALL those cookies at once. All of the products mentioned that you would possibly need for your cookie decorating party can be found at Dollar General.

For us, this is ideal because we live in the country and Dollar General is the closest stop. Plus I can honestly say I LOVE their decor items, too.

Many of my holiday decor items come from there, too. They have a great selection of baking products for the holidays and lots of fun items to host a decorating party with, too.

Clean Up Quickly



This is the best part of hosting a holiday decorating party with Dixie Paper Plates & Bowls, plus Sparkle Paper Towels. It’s so easy to clean up!

Each guest can pick up after themselves and with a quick wipe down of the table, you are all set to enjoy the holidays in a nice clean dining area.

We already have our holiday cookie decorating party planned this year, too. One year, I did it as part of my daughter’s birthday. She was young enough that she really loved it.

Although, I don’t know if I can combine the holidays with her birthday party like I did in years past. She’s getting older and wiser now, realizing it’s two separate occasions.

Typically, we like to host the holiday cookie decorating party over winter break from school. It’s a great way to utilize those few days off before school is out and have something fun to do with family and friends, too.

When do you plan to host your holiday cookie decorating party?



Be sure to save now at Dollar General on all the products you need for the perfect party!

Happy Holidays!