5 DIY Wall Art & Décor Ideas

Looking to spruce up your home but don’t want to spend a fortune? Decorate your walls, halls, and doorways with these 5 easy DIY Wall Art & Décor ideas that are easy, inexpensive, and best of all, look great.

  • DIY Wall Art & Décor Idea #1: Geometric Mirror

    One quick, inexpensive way to brighten up your home is to add mirrors. In this project, you’ll transform paper towel tubes into a shimmering frame for a mirror.

    For the project, you'll need:

    •  •Empty paper towel tubes
    •  •Crafts glue
    •  •Coarse silver glitter
    •  •9"-diameter embroidery hoop
    •  •10"-diameter mirror
    •  •Hot-glue gun
    • Instructions

      •  1. Carefully cut paper towel tubes into 3/8"-wide rings.
      •  2. Dip one cut edge of rings into crafts glue, then glitter; let dry.
      •  3. Remove inner hoop from embroidery hoop. Hot-glue rings around inner hoop with rings touching and   glittered edge up.
      •  4. Glue second round of rings around hoop; stagger placement. Add third round in same manner.
      •  5. Glue mirror to center.
  • DIY Wall Art & Décor Idea #2: Coiled Flower Wreath

    Hanging up wreaths is another cheap, fun way to add color to a room. You can roll strips cut from paper towel tubes to make flowers for a plush wreath.

    For the project, you'll need:

    •  • Empty paper towel tubes
    •  • 12" circle foam wreath form
    •  • 2½"-wide burlap ribbon
    •  • Hot-glue gun
    •  • 3"-wide colored ribbon
    • Instructions

      •  1. Wrap burlap ribbon around wreath form until form is completely covered.
      •  2. Carefully cut paper towel tubes into 1-wide rings. Cut crosswise through rings to make strips. Roll strips   & tightly; let unwind slightly into loose coils.
      •  3. Hot-glue coils to wreath form, covering all surfaces in a compact arrangement.
      •  4. Loop colored ribbon through top of wreath for a hanger.
  • DIY Wall Art & Décor Idea #3: Scallop Photo Display

    Show off your family photos with a three-dimensional, stand-up display. You’ll use empty paper towel tubes to create a photo display of your favorite memories.

    For the project, you'll need:

    •  • 8x10" photo
    •  • Black poster board
    •  • Crafts glue
    •  • Empty paper towel tubes
    •  • Black paint
    • Instructions

      •  1. Glue photo to black poster board.
      •  2. Cut paper towel tubes into 3"-wide rings. Arrange rings on top of photo, with rings touching to determine   arrangement. Remove and glue rings together.
      •  3. Paint outside edges of rings black; let dry.
      •  4. Place rings back on photo; trace. Trace again onto black poster board for backing. Cut out shapes.
      •  5. Sandwich rings between photo and backing; glue layers together.
  • DIY Wall Art & Décor Idea #4: Punched Lantern

    Illuminate a tabletop with paper towel tube lanterns punched with decorative designs and covered with a pretty Sparkle® with a Hint of Color paper towel.

    For the project, you'll need:

    •  • Empty paper towel tubes
    •  • Edge and hand punches
    •  • Sparkle® with a Hint of Color paper towels
    •  • Transparent double-sided tape
    •  • Battery-operated or LED lights
    • Instructions

      •  1. Cut 2"- to 4"-long sections from an empty paper towel tube.
      •  2. Punch or cut paper towel tube edges with a decorative design and punch stars, holes, or other designs   through the tube sides as desired.
      •  3. Cut paper towel to fit around tubes. Wrap around tubes; tape overlaps to secure.
      •  4. Place lanterns over battery-operated tea lights or LED candles (never real flame).
  • DIY Wall Art & Décor Idea #5: Faux Iron Wall Art

    Pinch, paint, and arrange rings cut from paper towel tubes to make wall art that looks like faux wrought iron.

    For the project, you'll need:

    •  • 12"-square frame (remove glass and backing)
    •  • Empty paper towel tubes
    •  • Black spray paint
    •  • Crafts glue
    •  • 17 mm iridescent glass gems (vase filler)
    • Instructions

      •  1. Cut paper towel tubes the same as frame height, measure depth of frame to determine.
      •  2. Glue five petals together to make one flower (you will make a total of 9 flowers)
      •  3. Create a composition by gluing the flowers together and to the frame.
      •  4. Glue a glass gem to each flower.

*Article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens http://www.bhg.com/partners/content/2/?SparkleDIYWallArt&sm_r=JnDYJV

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