DIY - Bird Feeder

1 roll of Sparkle® Paper Towels
Colored wire
Baby food jars
Peanut butter
Bird food
Red sugar water

1. Take 3 pieces of wire that are 4 feet long. Bend the pieces so they are even.
2. Glue the wires to secure them. They should be 4 inches longer than the paper towel roll.
3. On one end, bend over 3 of the wires in a circular shape. These will hold the baby jars.
4. Add peanut butter on the roll. Roll it through the bird seeds so they stick on it.
5. Paint the baby jar lids red.
6. Add the red sugar water to the baby food jars. Close them with a red lid.
7. Place the baby jars into the circle shaped wire.
8. Put the paper towel roll through the wire. Wrap one piece of wire around the entire roll. This is where the birds can sit.
9. Wrap some twine around the top of the feeder and attach it to a hanging hook on your porch.

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