4 Easy Bathroom-Cleaning Shortcuts

Want a fuss-free-clean bathroom in less time? Clean your bathroom faster and easier with these quick and easy bathroom-cleaning shortcuts:

  • 1. Spotless shower door

    After you finish showering, take a few seconds to wipe your glass shower door dry with a Sparkle® Just White paper towel. It’ll assist in helping stop water spots and soap scum from accumulating. You’ll most likely get a cleaner door for longer, without putting in the scrub time.

  • 2. Cleaner bathroom sink

    Don’t accumulate a cluttered mess of specialty bathroom sprays. Simply stock one good multipurpose cleaner under the bathroom sink, next to a roll of Sparkle® paper towels. To make things even easier, you can mount a roll-holder inside the cabinet door. Spray the sink with cleaner and wipe away toothpaste dribbles and more in seconds.

  • 3. Dust-free bathroom baseboards

    One useful tip for dusting the bathroom is to utilize used dryer sheets - keep a stash in the bathroom. Once a week, pluck one out to speed-swipe over dusty baseboards, doors, windowsills and more.

  • 4. Clean toilet bowl

    Don’t scrub. Seriously. Simply pop a couple of effervescent antacid or denture cleaning tabs into the toilet at bedtime. They’ll clean while you sleep. Give the bowl a quick brush first thing in the morning, and you’re done. Savings tip: The generic or dollar-store versions work just fine.

*Article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens http://www.bhg.com/partners/content/2/?SparkleBathroomCleaningShortcuts&sm_r=cPjRQa

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