5 Cooking Hacks For Every Kitchen

Do you love to cook but hate making a mess in your clean kitchen? The next time you make a family meal, try out these 5 cooking hacks to avoid a mess and make it easier to cook in the kitchen.

  • Cooking hack #1: Wipe down corn

    You know all those thin, clingy silks that stick to corn after it’s been shucked? Rub that ear down with a Sparkle® Just White paper towel, and they’ll slide right off.

  • Cooking hack #2: Pre-coat the frying pan

    Before you turn the stove on, put a bit of cooking oil in the center of a pan, then spread it with a small piece of paper towel to coat the pan before cooking—oil gets evenly distributed and no messy fingers!

  • Cooking hack #3: Prevent bacon splatter

    Layer a plate with Sparkle® Just White paper towels, then side-by-side strips of bacon, then more paper towels. Cook on high in the microwave for about one minute per slice. Cool, then enjoy your bacon (plus your clean microwave and grease splatter-free cooktop).

  • Cooking hack #4: Keep your can opener spotless

    Clamp your can opener down on a paper towel, then run it as you would if you were opening a can. Keep going until no more gunk rubs off onto the paper towel.

  • Cooking hack #5: Super-smooth frosting

    Want the professional look of smooth fondant? Lay a white paper towel on top of your buttercream-frosted cake. Lightly run the edge of your finger across it to smooth, working from one side to the other, then remove the paper towel. (If it sticks, sprinkle with a little powdered sugar and try again.) Do the same for the sides, working in sections, smoothing from bottom to top.

*Article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens http://www.bhg.com/partners/content/2/?SparkleCookingHacks&sm_r=GOAQep

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