5 Effective Tips for a Clean and Shiny Home

Are the rooms in your house looking dull and tired? Give your living space a little TLC with these 5 simple yet effective tips for a clean and shiny home:

1. Clean up your reflection: Wipe down mirrors
Give your hallway and bathroom mirrors a spritz with your favorite window cleaner—or DIY your own with a 50/50 water and vinegar solution—and a quick wipe with a Sparkle® paper towel.

2. Don’t forget the outside of the microwave
Though the inside of the microwave is known to be messy, splatters and dirty hands can leave their mark on exterior controls as well. Use a little all-purpose kitchen cleaner with a paper towel to clean the microwave exterior.

3. Stop the trash talk
Taking out the trash is great, but odors in the bin can linger. Tossing a fragrant dryer sheet on the bottom is one clever way to freshen it up, but you need to get to the root of the problem, too. Once a month, wash out the interior of the garage bin with hot, soapy water and let air dry.

4. Handle germs on knobs and handles
How many times a day do you or your family members touch cabinet knobs or light switchplates? The answer is probably a lot—and germs, including those that carry the common cold, can live for a surprisingly long time on household surfaces. Disinfect drawer pulls and handles (don’t forget dressers and bathrooms) and the plates around light switches with an antibacterial wipe.

5. Up high: Dust the ceiling fan
The tops of ceiling fan blades is a place where dust can quickly accumulate and spread, causing irritation to noses and throats. Every so often, wipe blades with a telescoping tool or duster with extendable arm—no need to drag out the ladder.

*Article originally appeared on Parents.com http://www.parents.com/partners-content-2/?Sparkle5WaysToGetYourHomeClean&sm_t=FVoYFkr

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