5 Kitchen-Cleaning Shortcuts

“I wish I could spend more time cleaning my kitchen,” said no one ever. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your kitchen with these 5 kitchen cleaning shortcuts:

  • Kitchen cleaning shortcut #1: The microwave

    Quickly clean your microwave by boiling a cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl for five minutes. After the timer goes off, keep the door closed for a few more minutes to loosen up the caked-on food so you can easily wipe it off with a Sparkle® paper towel. Bonus tip: Squeeze a lemon into the water first for extra cleaning power and a fresh-smelling kitchen, too.

  • Kitchen cleaning shortcut #2: Coffee stains

    Stubborn coffee-ring stain on your countertop? Soak a paper towel in vinegar and lay it on the counter over the stain. After an hour or so, take off the vinegar-soaked towel and wipe clean. If any stain remains, sprinkle with a little table salt before wiping with vinegar. (Note: never use vinegar on marble or granite.)

  • Kitchen cleaning shortcut #3: Stuck-on food

    No need to spend time scrubbing. Simply soak a paper towel in some warm, soapy water, then lay it on top of stuck-on food for a few minutes. Then, you can easily wipe the food off the counter.

  • Kitchen cleaning shortcut #4: Faucets

    Make your faucets shine with a few drops of baby oil buffed on with a Sparkle® paper towel. The oil will resist water spots, buying you more time between shines!

  • Kitchen cleaning shortcut #5: The garbage disposal

    Toss leftover citrus, such as orange peel or half a squeezed lemon (cut into pieces) into your disposal. Then, freshening and cleaning the blades is as simple as running a little water as you flip the disposal switch.

*Article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens http://www.bhg.com/partners/content/2/?SparkleKitchenCleaningShortcuts&sm_r=hPwuva

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