Clean Your House in 2 Hours or Less

Unexpected guests? Tired of regular cleaning chores that take forever? You can clean a whole house in under two hours with these common strategies used by house cleaners and homemakers.

STASH: Tuck things away

Clutter makes cleaning seem overwhelming – and that’s because it makes it harder to get to the surfaces you really need to clean. So take a first pass by going room to room and putting things back where they belong (or tucking them away for a while). If you have children or pets, this often means gathering up and putting away toys before you really get going. For less tidy adults, you may be picking up clothing, mail, and other papers.

STREAMLINE: Clean more with less

Make cleaning easier by minimizing the tools. If you normally use a broom, a vacuum, and various dusters, consider switching to the vacuum only with an extra-long cord (and getting the most out of each attachment). Invest in good cleansers and sprays that can do double-duty, as well. Sparkle® paper towels are just right for helping to clean up any surface and can help tackle those messes in any room, too. If you have a house with more than one floor, consider keeping a set.

STRATEGIZE: 10-15 minutes for every room

Once the obvious clutter is eliminated (15 MINUTES) and you have your tools ready, try to clean one room at a time – and cross it off your list. Try not to revisit a room for the sake of speed (and sanity). And prioritize the room you’ll be entertaining in first (in case you do run out of time): living room (15 MINUTES), kitchen (15 MINUTES), bathrooms (10 MINUTES EACH), then bedrooms (10 minutes each). By following these simple strategies and time guidelines, your house will be company-ready in about 2 hours – enjoy!

*Article originally appeared on Family Circle

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