DIY Halloween Crafts & Costumes

Whether you’re going trick-or-treating or dressing up for a party, a killer costume is essential for Halloween. You don’t need to have a crafty side or a big budget to make a one-of-a-kind costume. Put these incredibly simple ideas—and low- or no-cost materials—to use for a spooky-fun DIY Halloween costume.

Be a Mummy

No zombies here—but undead mummies are great fun for the young and old at heart alike. Here’s what you’ll need:

 •Several rolls of Sparkle® paper towels

 •1 package of cheesecloth, cut into narrow strips

 •Fresh coffee or black tea bags

 •Tape (clear or double-sided)

 •White or light-color t-shirt and leggings


 •Black lipstick

Hang the paper towel and cheesecloth over a shower curtain rod. Fill spray bottle with cooled coffee, and spray until desired dark stain is achieved. Tear into strips as needed.

Unroll the paper towels into long pieces.

Dry the paper towels and cheesecloth over the shower curtain rod or outside on a deck or patio.

Once dry, tear the paper towel strips into long, narrow sections.

Dress your child in t-shirt and leggings. Begin wrapping paper towel strips around legs, body, and arms, tucking in ends and securing with tape as needed. Alternate paper towels and cheesecloth to create a textured look.

Add shadows under the eyes with smudged eyeliner and black lips with black-color lipstick.

If your child’s hair is long, secure in a ponytail or bun.

Wrap strips of towel and cheesecloth around the head, leaving spots for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Walking Smartphone

Grab your scissors, paint and paintbrushes, and you’ve got yourself a fun (and walking) MP3 player. Cut out a neck opening at the top of the box that’s big enough to slip overhead; also cut out two arm openings. Lay the box on plastic and paint with a desired color of craft paint. Use white and gray craft paint for the screen and buttons.

Selfie Time

Got some spare cardstock or cardboard? Create a life-size selfie-style Instagram frame. Cut out a 20- by 30-inch square, and a smaller interior opening; your border should be 2 inches on each side, 4 inches on the bottom, and 8 inches on the top. Using blue, black, and green markers, draw and color to resemble items on an Instagram screen.

Stick Figure

The simplicity of this creative Halloween costume is genius. Dress in a white long sleeve t-shirt and white pants. Using electric tape, “draw” the outlines of a stick figure. On a paper plate, cut out small eyeholes, and use electrical tape to outline a mouth and circle. Hold the face in place using elastic or a headband that’s taped in place and stretched behind the head.

Coming Up Roses (or Daisies)

Swing by your local dollar store for this cheery and easy costume. Cut the bottom out of a plastic garden planter; using string and the handles, create suspender-like attachments to hold the planter in place. Tuck in bunches of inexpensive plastic flowers around the top, and attach a plastic flower to a headband, too.

I’ll Have Pepperoni With That

No sewing skills? No sweat with this super-simple pizza slice costume. You’ll need a large piece of felt for the “crust” and various colors for whatever toppings you choose. Cut the crust-color felt into a two triangles about 12 inches wide at the top and narrowing to your desired length. Glue the triangles together at the top; let dry. Add various colors of felt to resemble toppings and glue in place.

*Article originally appeared on Parents

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