Spooky DIY Halloween Crafts For Kids

Tap your inner creativity for these fun, easy, extra-spooky Halloween crafts you can make with your kids.

  • Witchy Welcome

    Dorothy may have needed a whole house to rid Oz of the Wicked Witch, but your doorstep does just fine to protect against green-skinned spell-casters. Gather two empty paper towel tubes and cover in green craft paint; let dry. Wrap the painted tubes with thin, black electrical tape to create stocking stripes. (Even easier? Slip the tubes inside a small pair of striped tights!) Tuck tubes under a welcome doormat and add black shoes.

  • A Scary Set of Eyes

    Team up with your kids to create a crowd of Halloween-themed eyes that glow after the sun sets. Turn empty paper towel tubes horizontally. Draw sets of differently shaped eyes on the tubes—some scary, some fun. You or your older kids can help with this step: Using a crafts knife, cut the eyes out, being careful to leave the eyeballs intact. Then, have your kid’s paint the tubes black using craft paint, then add a narrow section of colorful construction paper inside the tube. Using double-stick tape or temporary adhesive, attach to a wall outside your front door and, when dark, insert colored glow sticks.

  • Hello, Ghosts!

    Kids can help create a whole batch of these super-simple, not-so-scary ghosts. Use markers or pieces of black construction paper to create mouths and eyes on paper plates. For construction paper features, add googly eyes; if using markers, let the paper plate show for the “whites” of the eyes. Glue several sheets of paper towels at the back of each paper plate for the ghost “body.” Cut out arms in a desired color and attach to the back of the paper plates.

  • Spooky Bowling

    Décor can be spooky AND fun. You’ll need six to ten paper towel rolls, various colors of construction paper, electrical tape, and googly eyes, as well as a faux foam pumpkin (to be used as the bowling ball). Wrap the paper towel rolls in various colors of construction paper; secure with electrical tape and add two googly eyes or candy corn teeth to each roll. For very little kids, you don’t need to create finger holes for the pumpkin bowling ball; for bigger kids, cut out three finger spots for easier rolling.

  • Bats in Flight

    Younger kids love the extra-fun step in these bat decorations. Cut a paper towel tube in half and color black using crafts paint. Cut out a small bat-shape head using construction paper; glue on googly eyes and pom pom felt noses, then attach to the paper towel tube for the body. Glue or tape wings to the back of the bat body.

*Article originally appeared on Parents http://www.parents.com/partners-content-2/?SparkleSpookyHalloweenCrafts&sm_t=FVopJQe

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