Sticky Situations Every Parent Will Know

Little children are wonderful at doing many things. They’re experts at finding joy in life’s little moments. They are authentic and honest. And they are masters of being curious. Of course, sometimes a child’s honesty and curiosity leads to some sticky (and often hilarious) situations! The maker of Sparkle® paper towels presents some of the most universally messy situations of parenthood. Do you recognize any of them?

Potty Talk

The first rule of public bathrooms is that you don’t talk about what’s going on in the public bathroom. But little kids don’t know this rule. They want to talk about what they’ve seen and done and heard. They want to talk about what you are doing. And what the lady next to you is doing too. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh and exit quickly!

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

We teach our children to tell the truth, so it makes sense that they want to correct us if they catch us fibbing: “Why did you tell grandma that we weren’t going to be home this afternoon when she said she was going to stop by? We’re home!” We can all relate to the sticky situations, but don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it.

Time to Eat

Your breastfed baby is hungry but too young to talk. Without any words, how can she let you know what she wants? Well, why not just show you and everyone around you by lifting your shirt up as high as possible? If you were at Mardi Gras, someone would throw beads.

Celebrity Sightings

You might be at the mall. You might be at the park. You might be on the street. Your kiddo sees a man with a white beard and rosy cheeks and screams, “It’s Santa! Hi, Santa!” Of course, it’s not Santa. It’s just a man with a white beard. Often, the best thing to do is just smile and wish the man a happy holidays. Even if it’s summer.

Lukewarm Reactions to Gifts

Whether they tell the gift giver that they already have what they were given, come out and say they don’t like it, or do a combination of both (“I already have it, and I don’t like it”), honesty is not always the best policy. You’re going to want to write a very nice thank-you note.

Lukewarm Reactions to People

What’s worse than a just meh reaction to a present? A just meh reaction to a person. We’re talking about that awkward moment when a relative goes to great lengths to see your child and your little darling greets the family member with as much enthusiasm as a plate of their least favorite vegetable. Time for you to overcompensate with a great big hug of your own!

Spilling Family Secrets

Unlike celebrities, most of us don’t have to worry that our child is going to write a tell-all memoir about us one day. But, we do have to worry about her spilling the beans when she’s little: “Mommy puts whipped cream on the top of her lip because she doesn’t want to have a mustache like Daddy does.”

Not Peeing in the Potty

It’s awkward when you’re at the pool and your child yells that they “need to go pee pee.” It’s even more awkward– a few moments later – when they scream out, “Never mind! I just went!” Oh! The places they’ll go!

Destruction of Property

When you go camping, you’re supposed to leave your campsite as you found it. And when you visit a friend or loved one’s home, you’re expected to also leave it as you found it when it’s time to go. There should be a greeting card for “Sorry my son drew all over your white sofa.”

What about you? What are some of the stickiest situations you’ve had since becoming a parent?

*Article originally appeared on The Huffington Post

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