4 Ways to Avoid the Summer Break Blues

Summer is finally here, which means you’ll need to find some creative ways to keep your kids active for the long days ahead. Whether you have little ones or older children in high school, we’ve got activities the entire family will enjoy. Check out these fun and engaging ways to keep your kids busy and make the most of the summer days ahead.


1. Plant A Garden

There’s nothing more rewarding than growing and nurturing your own veggies in your very own backyard. Go all out with an outdoor garden space or start small with a planter box. Start with vegetables that are fairly simple to grow, including lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, all while teaching your kids a sustainable and useful life skill.

Bright Tip! Once you decide on which veggies you’d like to include for your garden, germinate your seeds using Sparkle® paper towels before planting. Simply dampen a 4-inch square piece of paper towel, spread the seeds out evenly, and then place another damp paper towel on top. Fold the paper towel and place inside of a plastic bag for about 3 days, or until the seeds sprout.

2. Visit A Local Park

Plan a fun and relaxing day at a local park in your area. Parks are a great way to enjoy the outdoors at little to no extra cost. You can bring along a blanket and a basket filled with sandwiches, fruit, drinks and other snacks to create your own picnic, or even bring playing cards and a good book to stay entertained while you enjoy the great outdoors. One of the best things about this activity—kids and pets allowed!

Bright Tip! Keep a roll or two of Sparkle® paper towels and disposable plates, cups and cutlery handy to use for eating and easy clean-up afterward. (HINT: We like Dixie® disposables!)

3. Start a Summer Reading Book Club

School may be out, but reading is still in! Keep your kids engaged with a summer reading book club. Pull together a list of popular children’s books for your kids’ age range. Make a trip of it and also save a few extra bucks by choosing a reading list available at your local library.

4. Arts & Crafts

There are tons of arts and crafts projects that are simple, cost-effective and fun for both you and the kids! Whether you’re looking to get the kids outdoors or staying in on a rainy summer day, here are a few ideas of what you can make together:

  • Food art: Use mini pancakes, fruit, pretzels and more to create fun animal faces, unique shapes and other edible art.
  • Mini decorative towels for dolls: Cut out small rectangular pieces of the Sparkle® Hint of Color® paper towel design and create mini towels for your kids’ dolls—because even these beauties deserve a day at the pool!
  • Create your own coloring or paint book: Search online for “coloring images” of your child’s favorite characters, sports and animals, then print them out on a full sheet of paper or even place on a canvas to create a personalized coloring book the kids will love. If using paint, use Sparkle® paper towels for wet paint brushes or messy hands if finger painting. (HINT: You can print out pages at your local library, too!)


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