Frequently asked questions

How many select-a-size sheets are on a Giant Plus paper towel roll?

We pack a whopping 107 paper towel sheets on every roll.

How many is one unit?

Good question. So, this can vary by item—for example, if you purchase a case product online, then the product may have more than one pack inside of the box.

What is Giant Plus?

Basically, it’s a BIG ROLL of Sparkle® paper towels with 107 Pick-a-Size sheets on every roll. No wonder we call it Giant Plus!

Will Giant Plus fit on my “under the cabinet” plastic dispenser?

Most likely, yes, but you may want to measure to make sure. Each Giant Plus paper towel roll measures 5.5 inches in diameter. Got a ruler handy?

Are these paper towels made from 100% recycled paper?

No, but we encourage recycling the paper core when you’re finished with the roll.

Why does packaging vary?

We like to freshen things up from time to time, so you might see different graphics on a pack of Sparkle® Paper Towels due to a recent redesign.

What is the inner tube diameter of these paper towels?

This one’s easy—1.75 inches.

What are Pick-a-Size® paper towels?

You know how sometimes you don’t want to use a full-size paper towel sheet to clean up a small mess? Our Pick-A-Size® paper towels give you the flexibility to choose which size sheet you prefer. Smart, right?

What are the patterns on Sparkle® Spirited Prints™ paper towels?

Got a minute? There’s quite a few (you can see all of them on the Spirited Prints product page), but basically these rolls come in variety packs featuring a wide array of everything from colorful florals to inspirational sayings—a little something for everyone!

What are the size of Sparkle® paper towel sheets?

Depends on which you buy. If you pick up a pack with regular full-size paper towels, each sheet measures 11” x 10.4”. If you opt for our Pick-a-Size® paper towels, each sheet measures 11” x 6.5”.

Where are these paper towels made?

Our paper towels are made in the U.S.A. we’re so proud to say, with domestic and foreign materials.

Who is the manufacturer of this brand?

The manufacturing magic happens courtesy of Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products Group.

What does Thirst Pockets® mean?

Basically, it’s the reason why our paper towels are able to quickly absorb spills and messes—they’re just so darn thirsty that we decided to call them Sparkle® with Thirst Pockets®!

What does the Sparkle® Fairy like to snack on?

This may not surprise you, but, ANYTHING BLUE. We’re talking blueberries, blue corn chips, blue gummy sharks, bleu name it.

What is the Sparkle Fairy’s natural hair color?

Would you believe us if we said “mousy brown”? Of course not. Rest assured, the Sparkle® Fairy is indeed a natural blue-nette.

What kind of music really gets the Sparkle® Fairy going?

She likes lots of genres—from late 70s disco to pop opera, but her favorite is and always will be rock and, wait for it…ROLL!

Why did you add an extra .06 inches to the Pick-A-Size® Plus paper towel sheet?

Besides being big enough to hold snacks or use as placemats, we also know that people with larger-than-average hands enjoy a larger-than-average Pick-A-Size® paper towel. We try to think of everyone.



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