5 Clever Cleaning On-The-Go Shortcuts

Keep life simple with a smaller cleaning list that makes cleaning less of a chore and definitely NOT a bore. Think about some of your easier tasks that, if you were to do more frequently, could help cut down on the deeper cleaning needed later. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


1. Keep a Roll of Sparkle® In Your Car

Keeping a roll of paper towels in your car is never a bad idea, whether it’s to clean up behind furry friends with an affinity for licking car windows or to prevent excess crumbs when you’re eating on the go. Easily store a roll in your trunk, glove compartment, or in the backseat for easy access when you need them.

2. Keep a Roll of Sparkle® Near Your Bathroom Sink

Buy a little extra time before your next deep clean by keeping a pack of Sparkle® paper towels in your bathroom to wipe away grime and light buildup from your bathroom sink and fixtures. Place a roll on your bathroom counter or shelf for easy access. For a more sanitary alternative to hand towels, you can even use Sparkle® to dry your hands or wipe your mouth after brushing your teeth.

3. Create Your Own Disposable Coasters

Looking for an inexpensive way to protect your floors and table tops from water stains? Simply use a few squares of Sparkle® paper towels to use as DIY coasters. For wetter drinks, double up for added protection.

4. Keep Your Kitchen Backsplash Clean

Keep your kitchen’s backsplash looking like new by keeping a roll of Sparkle® readily available on your kitchen countertop or stored away under the sink. Wipe your backsplash down using a few paper towels and your favorite everyday cleaner to keep the tougher-to-clean gunk from building up.

5. Keep Greens and Herbs Fresh

Preserve your veggies and herbs a little longer using paper towels! Add a moist paper towel in a bag to extend the life of your veggies and also cut down on unnecessary food waste. The moisture helps maintain a comfortable humidity level which helps keep your veggies from wilting faster than they should.


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