DIY Party Favor Ideas



These festive favors are a snap to put together. To make one, place candies inside an empty cardboard bathroom tissue roll. Use double-stick tape to secure the roll to the center of the bottom edge of a paper towel. Now roll it up to the other edge of the paper towel and twist the edges on either side, securing them with ribbon.


Start with a square piece of paper towel. Fold the perforated edge down 2". Then, create 1" tears through the folded-over layer, spacing out the rips about 2" apart. These "tabs" are what create the roses petals. Next, wrap the paper towel once around your index finger; add in next finger and wrap again, then wrap one more time around your ring finger to create the rose's coils. Pinch the wrapped towel about 3" down and twist very tightly. The top 2-4" creates the rose shape. Twist the rest of the paper towel as tightly and thinly as you can to create the stem. For a leaf, leave out a small section of the paper towel and twist just below it and on down.


This one is especially fun for kids to make on their own, as part of the party fun. Using washable markers, let kids design their paper towels with whatever illustrations they like. When they’re satisfied with their creations, cover both sides of the paper towel with clear contact paper, working slowly to avoid air bubbles, and cut a half-inch border around the edges.


Already got party favors? Make them feel more personal with homemade wrapping paper. Decorate paper towels with markers (a great job for kids) and wrap them loosely around the favor, securing with thin ribbon.Try using Sparkle® with a Hint of Color paper towels for a fun twist.


If you want a spooky sendoff for a Halloween gathering, hand each guest a lollipop ghost as they depart. Place two paper towels over the top of a wrapped lollipop and secure them with a black ribbon tie at the neck. Draw a scary (but not too scary) face on one side and write the guest’s name on the other. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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