Fun Summer Tips and Activities for Pet Owners

Our furry friends bring us so much joy with their wet kisses, unconditional love and their natural ability to instantly cheer us up after a bad day. We think showing them a little love and appreciation as often as possible is something we can make time for no matter how busy or stressed we are–in fact, doing so could actually lower stress levels and remind us of what really matters. Here are a few ideas on ways to thank our beloved pets during the, wait for it, DOG DAYS OF SUMMER. (We can’t help ourselves.)


1. Take Time for a Neighborhood Walk

It pretty much goes without saying that going on daily walks around the neighborhood with your favorite four-legged friend is not only a necessity but something you and your pet can benefit from. Get those extra steps in while giving your pet some much-needed exercise. You may even discover some spots in your area you didn’t know about!

2. Find a Local Dog Park for Playtime

Dog parks are great for socializing your dog as well and also provide an opportunity for you to meet new people. Bring some water along with your pet’s favorite treats and toys for some quality bonding time.

3. Visit Your Local Pet Shelter

Spend time with those who need it most by visiting pets at your local animal shelter. This is a great way to give back to the community by giving nothing but your time. If you don’t currently own a pet but are looking to add one to the family soon, you may even want to consider adopting a pet in need of a good home.

4. Leave An Extra Bowl Of Water Out for Passing Dogs

For pets, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cool bowl of water on a hot summer day after a long afternoon of playing, chasing and wagging. Keep pets in your neighborhood hydrated and at their best by placing a few extra water bowls out for passing dogs. Just a simple way to give both dogs and dog owners alike something to smile about!

5. Bake A Special Pet-Friendly Treat

A great way to bond with your pet is to bake a tasty treat together, just for them! Search online for some easy-to-make pet-friendly recipes that your pet will enjoy. If you’ve got a picky eater on your hands, try baking a couple of different treats—you can keep some on hand for your next walk or trip to the dog park and save a couple of bucks too!


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