Gameday Essentials for Your Guest Bathroom

“This post has been sponsored by Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

From my blog posts, you probably think I was born with a gift for entertaining guests but it wasn’t until four years ago that I started having friends and family over for events. I don’t have a special gift, just a few sanity-saving strategies that help me entertain stress-free.

When planning an event, I focus on preparing just the kitchen, eating area and guest bathroom with as many easy-on-my-wallet essentials as possible. Just this weekend, I prepared our guest bathroom for game day in 15 minutes with Angel Soft® toilet paper, Sparkle® paper towels and a few decor items from around my home.


To prepare the guest bathroom for game day, I made a list of things that would save me time and money. I opted to use disposable products to clean up and keep my guests comfortable. Since it was my family coming over I not only used disposable products but also included some takeout in my menu.


1. Hosting Tip #1: Consider a semi-homemade menu.

For the menu, I ordered 50 pieces of fried chicken made fresh at a local food market. The chicken tasted very close to how I cook it so I used that and made sides at home. This was such a time-saver and nobody knew I didn’t cook the meat.

2. Hosting Tip #2: Use disposable items.

Instead of cloth napkins on the tables and hand towels in the bathroom, I used Sparkle® paper towels. Each sheet absorbs up to six times its weight making it ideal for drying hands at a bathroom sink or cleaning up messes during an event. The $5 I paid for 6 Family Rolls at Dollar General is worth the time I saved not having to wash towels after everyone went home.

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3. Hosting Tip #3: Place extra essentials in plain sight.

One way I keep myself from being pulled in too many directions while hosting is by placing extra essentials in plain sight. I strategically placed rolls of Sparkle® paper towels on the buffet, by the kitchen sink, and on the guest tables for easy access.

I followed the same rule with plates, forks, cups and toilet paper. In the guest bath, I made sure to put a fresh Angel Soft® Toilet Paper on the role and several in plain sight throughout the bathroom. I never want my guests to run out of toilet paper and have to call out from the bathroom asking for more tissue.


The Angel Soft® family pack at a dollar is perfect for placing a few rolls in plain sight. The size of the 12 soft rolls made it easy to corral a few in a basket and stack some on a simple tray by the toilet. Sometimes larger rolls are too big for containers so I prefer smaller rolls and larger packs versus larger rolls and smaller packs of toilet paper. The strength of each Angel Soft® sheet gives me confidence about using them in my guest bathroom. For the price and quality, stocking up on Angel Soft® toilet paper for events is essential to stress-free event planning.


4. Hosting Tip #4: Dress things up.

This is the icing on the cake for me. I love bringing in extra decor when having people over. I don’t have a window in this bathroom so I can’t keep plants in here year-round, but I can display them on event days. On game day, I grab a few of my favorite plants to bring life, color and the outdoors into this windowless bathroom. Plants make the bathroom feel more welcoming and it makes people see that I went the extra mile in anticipation of their presence.


Another thing I recommend adding is some kind of artwork. From my photos, you can see that I did a simple swap of the art on the main wall until I found the one I liked. I also brought in a small ottoman to break up the color and use as a place for extra toilet paper.


Using items you already own paired with the stock up and score big savings at dollar makes hosting at your home so much easier to pull off. Whether planning an event or stocking your pantry with everyday essentials make dollar one of your stops. They have so much cute stuff in there right now for the home that you’re bound to grab a few things you love.



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