Spring Cleaning Checklist

Ahhh, springtime. After months of chilly temperatures and hibernating under the blankets, it’s finally time to embrace the warmer weather and promise of renewal all around us. Our favorite part about this time of year is how energized and inspired we feel to refresh our own homes and get things tidy and organized once more. Of course, everyone has their own particular way of taking on spring-cleaning chores and no one’s house or apartment is exactly the same, so we pulled together an easy-to-follow spring-cleaning checklist with the basics to get you started.

Take a look below and feel free to print it out as a handy-dandy guide you can check off as you complete each task. Need a little more inspiration to get started? We like to create a special “Spring Fever Playlist” with all of our favorite high-energy tunes to keep the pep in our step as we go from room to room (and pretend the mop is a mic stand if no one is looking).Ready? LET’S DO THIS!


Kitchen Items

  1. Clean and disinfect all kitchen countertops
  2. Throw out expired foods from the pantry
  3. Organize all kitchen cabinets
  4. Clean & reorganize kitchen drawers
  5. Clean & disinfect the garbage disposal
  6. Clean & disinfect your trash can
  7. Clean all the stovetop burners & change the hood vent
  8. Give the microwave a deep cleaning
  9. Clean out fridge and defrost the freezer
  10. Restock cooking, cleaning & emergency essentials
  11. Throw out unnecessary items under the sink
  12. Wipe down walls and backsplashes
  13. Disinfect all handles, fixtures and light switches 

Bathrooms Items

  1. Deep clean the tub or shower, including faucets & drains
  2. Replace shower curtain liner
  3. Clean & disinfect toilet and tighten toilet lid hinges
  4. Clean mirrors and metal fixtures Refill soap, lotion and shampoo dispensers
  5. Restock linen closet with essentials
  6. Wipe down drawers and throw out junk
  7. Throw floor mats in the wash
  8. Wipe down exhaust fans
  9. Re-caulk the bathtub and re-seal tile & grout
  10. Scrub and wipe down walls
  11. Disinfect all knobs, fixtures and light switches

Bedroom Items

  1. Flip the mattresses
  2. Wash all blankets and comforter covers
  3. Wash pillows and re-fluff in the dryer
  4. Pack away all winter clothes, donate anything you won’t use again
  5. Weed out junk from the closet and reorganize
  6. Clean under the bed Organize your nightstand, dresser & closets
  7. Donate kids’ toys, clothes & books no longer being used
  8. Disinfect all knobs, fixtures and light switches

Household Items (For All Rooms)

  1. Wipe down ceiling fan blades
  2. Clean all the windows, inside and out
  3. Vacuum or wash all curtains
  4. Shake out and vacuum the rugs
  5. Steam clean carpets (rent a machine to save money)
  6. Vacuum under couch and seat cushions
  7. Wipe down baseboards and touch up scuff marks
  8. Vacuum all the air vents
  9. Wipe down window blinds
  10. Dust curios and bookcases
  11. Wipe down lamp shades and light fixtures
  12. Put a new filter in the air-conditioning unit
  13. Run a sanitary cycle on the washing machine
  14. Wipe down and polish any wood furniture
  15. Wipe down windowsills and around the frames
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