Parent's Guide to Surviving Summer with Kids

It seems parents are in for an early and possibly prolonged summer this year, and we’ve heard your concerns that you’ll run out of things to do. Here are just a few ideas to get you through the times ahead.


1. Create A Summer Reading List

Order a few books you’ve been pining to check out and set aside 15-20 minutes or more a day to read. Have the kids pick out a few books they’ll enjoy as well! If you want to make it a family affair, let your kids browse online and pick them out together. Create relevant activities such as a book-themed board game or have a reading contest to see who can read the most books before the end of summer.

Bright Tip! Choose a book or book series that has also been made into a movie and offer to have a movie night once everyone has finished reading the book(s). You can compare the differences between the book and the movie afterward to make it both fun and educational.

2. Plan A Date Night & Get A Virtual Sitter

Contrary to popular belief, just because it’s time for social distancing doesn’t mean you have to spend every single moment with the kids. Plan one or a few date nights in advance just for you and your significant other, or even just a night in for yourself! If you have a relative that loves you very much, ask them to Facetime with your child for the length of a movie so you can get some time away to decompress—and maybe Grandma can get some time with her grandkids. They can watch a movie together or play a game! Make sure you’re in the next room just in case Grandma needs to call.

Bright Tip! Plan your night(s) out in advance to allow for extra time to find a suitable virtual “sitter” and other arrangements to ensure things run as smoothly as possible so you can truly relax.

3. Enroll Your Kids In Virtual Summer Camp

Yes, virtual summer camps exist, and we couldn’t think of a better way to get your kid engaged and learning during their time off. You can even find virtual summer camps that are designed specifically for your childrens’ age ranges. Most camps last anywhere from a week to a few weeks and some are even offered for free! Try asking around or searching online for camps that align with your kids’ interests or provide some educational benefit to help keep their minds sharp while they’re out of school.

4. Throw a Virtual Cosplay Party!

Who says you have to wait ‘til Halloween to play dress up? This is a fun activity for both kids and adults! First thing’s first—get permission and request the participation of all parents of the children your child would like to invite. Send out some texts or emails with the time and instructions for meeting up using your favorite video chat platform. Encourage kids to pick their favorite comic book or cartoon characters to dress up as. Save money by finding items in your closet to re-purpose for a costume or using a consignment app to shop online for pieces to complete the perfect costume. When the Cosplay party date arrives, everyone video chats and shows off their costumes and “super powers!”


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