Turkey Cooking Guide

Thanksgiving is coming up once again and it’s time to talk turkey—specifically, just how much turkey you’ll need to feed the intimate gathering of people at your table this year. Too little and you’ll find yourself scrambling to make ends meet with your sides; too much and you’ll be swimming in leftover turkey for days (wait, is that a bad thing?). However, if you decide to slice it, consider this your just-right guide to getting exactly what you need to make your Thanksgiving dinner a surefire success this year! Don’t forget, with all the things you handle in the kitchen when preparing your turkey, Sparkle® paper towels are a quick and hygienic solution for drying off hands after washing up.

Bright Tip #1: Get A Headcount
While Thanksgiving may look a little different this November, the numbers still matter. Be sure to plan for the exact number of people you’ll be cooking for this year.

Bright Tip #2: Choose Your Bird
The basic rule for choosing the right size bird is estimating 1.5 lbs. per person. So, if you’ll be making dinner for 6 people, you’ll want a turkey that weighs at least 9-10 lbs.

Bright Tip #3: Prep For Success
Besides the turkey and all the ingredients for your sides, be sure to grab a few rolls of Sparkle® paper towels for prepping, serving and cleaning up afterward.

Bright Tip #4: Thaw, Baby, Thaw!
If you buy a frozen bird, you’ll want to thaw it in your fridge several days in advance of the big day. For every 5 lbs., figure 1 day in the fridge to thaw completely.

Bright Tip #5: Clean Your Turkey
When thawed, remove the bag of giblets inside your turkey and thoroughly dry the skin & cavity with your Sparkle® paper towels—this is how you’ll get that crispy, golden skin!

Bright Tip #6: Roast To Perfection
The general rule for roasting a turkey is an oven set at 350° F and a cooking time of about 2.5 – 5 hours* depending on the size. When ready, the internal temperature should be 185° F

Bright Tip #7: Show Off Your Turkey!
Snap your best pic for social before it all gets gobbled up! Just be sure to wipe up any dribbles on your platter first with a Sparkle® paper towel.

*For best results, follow packaging instructions for your size turkey.


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