Interior Decorating Tips

6 Easy Interior Decorating Tips Using What You Have

“Interior decorating” is often associated with high costs and inconvenient re-modeling. But making spaces that are beautiful, welcoming, and comfortable doesn’t have to involve a big budget or big intrusions into a room or a home. Here are some easy interior decorating tips to help you spice up your home with the things you already have and love:

  • Rearrange a room

    Do you have a space that just feels awkward when you walk into it? Could be your furniture is arranged in a less-than-welcoming way. Take a living room: The backside of a sofa may not encourage gathering or conversation. In a bedroom, place the frame and mattress so it greets a doorway versus blocks traffic.

  • Cleaner bathroom sink

    Don’t accumulate a cluttered mess of specialty bathroom sprays. Simply stock one good multipurpose cleaner under the bathroom sink, next to a roll of Sparkle paper towels. To make things even easier, you can mount a roll-holder inside the cabinet door. Spray the sink with cleaner and wipe away toothpaste dribbles and more in seconds.

  • Display what you love

    Shelves are utilitarian, but they can also be a useful item for less practical reasons, too. In a nook or otherwise dead wall space, open shelves are perfect for display of artwork, photos, and other items that have special resonance for your family.

  • Embrace Paint

    True, a gallon of paint isn’t free—but it’s a lot less expensive than a new piece of furniture. Inventive techniques applied to items you already have can be a great way to give a contemporary look and feel to otherwise tired elements.

  • Move stuff where it gets used

    That chair in the basement, that nightstand gathering dust in the attic: If you have a space that’s lacking, consider moving things to spots where they’ll get more traffic and more decorating play. Here, a mismatched collection on a patio provides an eclectic yet charming conversation area.

  • Re-think what you have

    You can find pricey decorating solutions for nearly every need in your house. But something doesn’t have to be made into a table or storage unit to be used in a different way. Here, a dining bench and wood box serve as entryway seating and storage in this pretty combo.

  • Focus on what you have

    You don’t have to be a professional to use color for decorating impact. If you have an item or two that can serve as a focal point, give it room to breathe instead of crowding it with other pieces. Tie in that centerpiece to the rest of the room with an accent in a complementary or secondary color—here, the bowl, which picks up a hue in the striking painting.

*Article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens

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