DIY Phone Speakers

How to Make Desktop Smartphone Speakers

Amplify smartphone sound with desktop speakers made from simple household items. All you need is an empty paper towel tube and two paper cups, and you’ll be jamming out to your favorite tunes in no time. This DIY craft is easy to make, costs next to nothing, and, best of all, truly works!

To make them, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 empty Sparkle® paper towel roll
  • Two Dixie® paper cups (the bigger the cup, the bigger the sound)
  • Markers
  • Utility knife or sharp scissors


Outline the base of your phone in the center of the paper towel tube. With a utility knife or scissors, carefully cut out the sides and front, leaving the long back flap intact, for support. A snug fit means maximum sound, so err toward a smaller slot—you can always make it a little bigger.


Use markers to decorate the paper towel roll. Draw a fun pattern, musical notes, or glue on printed photos of your favorite band.


Using the paper towel roll as a guide, trace a circle on the side of each cup, towards the cup bottom. Carefully cut out the holes to create as snug a fit as possible. Attach a cup to each end of your insulated tube and set on a table, with the open phone slot at the top.


Queue up the music, nestle your smartphone phone into its new DIY speaker-stand, and enjoy!


*Article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens 

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