Prevent Kitchen Messes

Prevent Kitchen Messes Before They Happen

Wishing for a real-world magic wand to zap your kitchen back to clean? Stop drips and splatters and prevent messes using a Sparkle® paper towel before they happen with these 5 kitchen hacks:

  • Secure a slippery olive oil bottle

    Grab a Sparkle® paper towel and fold the paper towel into a long two-inch-wide strip, then secure it around the bottle with a rubber band. Or, set your oil bottle in the middle of a paper towel, then gather the towel neatly around the bottle’s sides and secure with a rubber band. Either way, the paper will grab the oil so your hands don’t have to.

  • Stop food from coating the microwave

    Hate crusty, stubborn, splattered-on food lining the microwave? Use a square or two of paper towels to cover your bowl or plate when microwaving food. Tip: Dampen the paper towel first if the food you’re microwaving could use a little extra moisture.

  • Keep your grill grate clump-free

    No one likes black, charred clumps clinging to the grill grate when grilling burgers and brats. While your grill is hot (make sure it is turned off), give it a quick pass with a wire grill brush, then grab a Sparkle® paper towel — either folded into a pad or crumpled into a ball—with your grill tongs. Dip the towel into canola or other cooking oil then carefully run it across the grill grate, to prevent food from sticking.

  • Make a DIY wine coaster to avoid staining

    Stop wine stains before they happen by crafting a DIY wine coaster from a paper towel. Neatly fold a paper towel into a square. Set this DIY wine coaster under that bottle of red wine to catch the dribbles before they hit the tablecloth.

  • Maintain a clean and crumb-less fridge

    Mystery crumbs, sticky drips and shriveled produce scraps at the bottom of your refrigerator’s crisper drawers are no one’s friend. To keep your fridge crumb-free, line each drawer bottom with a few Sparkle® paper towels to catch any drips or scraps. Simply replace the towels every week, or as needed—no wiping or scrubbing required. Plus, the towels absorb moisture to keep your veggies fresher longer, too!

*Article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens

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