5 Clutter Busters to Open Up Your Home
You know the one thing that’s free and can make a home feel open, airy and inviting? A lack of clutter. Not only does busting clutter make our homes feel cozier and more inviting, it improves our mental state. So take some time to declutter. Start small with one section of a room, then move room to room each day.
Decluttering For Dollars in 5 Simple Steps
When it comes to spring-cleaning tips, an easy one is to take all those unnecessary items or things you no longer use and simply donate them. But what if you had some hidden treasures mixed into that growing donation pile? Turns out, savvy folks everywhere are taking advantage of ways to make cash off their old castoffs by doing a little legwork to connect with bargain hunters. Ready to make a few bucks or score a bargain for yourself? Here are 5 easy ways to make the magic happen.
Gameday Essentials for Your Guest Bathroom
When planning an event, I focus on preparing just the kitchen, eating area and guest bathroom with as many easy-on-my-wallet essentials as possible. Just this weekend, I prepared our guest bathroom for game day in 15 minutes with Angel Soft® toilet paper, Sparkle® paper towels and a few decor items from around my home.
How to Clean & Season A Cast Iron Skillet
January is all about getting a fresh start for the new year ahead. Along with all of your other resolutions, consider including this simple DIY guide for cleaning and seasoning your cast iron skillet with Sparkle® paper towels. We’ll show you how to do it with step-by-step instructions that’ll have your trusty skillet ready for all the dishes to come in the year ahead—homemade cornbread anyone? Yes, please!
Prevent Kitchen Messes Before They Happen
Wishing for a real-world magic wand to zap your kitchen back to clean? Stop drips and splatters and prevent messes using a Sparkle® Paper Towel before they happen with these 5 kitchen hacks.
Spring Cleaning Checklist
Ahhh, springtime. After months of chilly temperatures and hibernating under the blankets, it’s finally time to embrace the warmer weather and promise of renewal all around us. Our favorite part about this time of year is how energized and inspired we feel to refresh our own homes and get things tidy and organized once more. Of course, everyone has their own particular way of taking on spring-cleaning chores and no one’s house or apartment is exactly the same, so we pulled together an easy-to-follow spring-cleaning checklist with the basics to get you started.
DIY Phone Speaker
Amplify smartphone sound with desktop speakers made from simple household items. All you need is an empty paper towel tube and two paper cups, and you’ll be jamming out to your favorite tunes in no time. This DIY craft is easy to make, costs next to nothing, and, best of all, truly works!
DIY Party Favor Ideas
Music, food, decorations – it all adds up to a great time for the most important party ingredient of all, family and friends. Show them how much you love them with these sweet and personalized DIY party favors – they’re easy, inexpensive, and perfect for any occasion and celebration.
6 Easy Interior Decorating Tips
It’s more important than ever to make ourselves comfortable in our own homes, so now is a great time to consider making some cost-effective changes around the house. Interior decorating is often associated with high costs and inconvenient re-modeling, but making spaces that are beautiful, welcoming, and comfortable doesn’t have to involve a big budget or a single intrusion into a room or a home.
5 DIY Wall Art and Décor Ideas
Looking to spruce up your home but don’t want to spend a fortune? Decorate your walls, halls, and doorways with these 5 easy DIY Wall Art & Décor ideas that are easy, inexpensive, and best of all, look great.
6 Ways to Get Your Kids To Help With Household Chores
Let’s be honest—getting your kids to clean can be as much of a chore as cleaning itself. In fact, you may wish you had your very own magic wand to instantly get them excited about helping around the house!
5 Easy Paper Towel Crafts for Kids
Staying at home for extended periods of time is sure to cause some restlessness—especially when there are kids involved! Here are 5 creative ways to repurpose your cardboard rolls.
Kids Cooking Lesson: Peanut Butter Balls
This post is sponsored by Acorn, but all the influencer’s opinions are her own. Originally posted July 2018. Since we’re all spending more time at home as families, now is a good time to teach your kids some basic household skills—like cooking and preparing snacks.
A for Apple Craft
Originally posted July 2018. When it comes to back to school, we try to keep it fun. Even the youngest kids can get involved! This A for Apple Craft is the latest in our letter of the week crafts and it’s perfect for back to school and fall! This post is sponsored by Acorn, but all the influencer’s opinions are her own


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