Tricks for Keeping Food Fresh for Longer
Have you ever reached for fresh produce only to discover it’s already gone bad? Now it’s more important than ever to conserve our veggies and cut down on waste.
How to Make "The Same Old, Same Old” Feel Special
If you find your new stay-at-home lifestyle is already getting a bit “blah”, we’ve got 5 great ways to help brighten up your day-to-day.
Save on Cleaning Supplies with These DIY Products
In times where it might be difficult or inconvenient to find or purchase cleaning supplies, it’s good to know that you can make your own household cleaners with a few common household items
Try These 6 Paper Towel Tricks
Paper towels are your kitchen staple, cleaning up spill after spill (after spill!). But they don’t have to stop there—they have a lot more uses than you may realize that will save time and money.
5 Ways To Make It Magical This Memorial Day!
For most folks, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of SUMMER. With so many things you could do, coming up with a plan for what you actually will do can get a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some #BrightIdeas for Memorial Day that both you and your favorite people can enjoy. Here are five ways to celebrate the holiday and have some fun along the way as you cruise into summer.
Fun Summer Tips and Activities for Pet Owners
Our furry friends bring us so much joy with their wet kisses, unconditional love and their natural ability to instantly cheer us up after a bad day. We think showing them a little love and appreciation as often as possible is something we can make time for no matter how busy or stressed we are–in fact, doing so could actually lower stress levels and remind us of what really matters. Here are a few ideas on ways to thank our beloved pets during the, wait for it, DOG DAYS OF SUMMER. (We can’t help ourselves.)
Parent's Guide to Surviving Summer with Kids
It seems parents are in for an early and possibly prolonged summer this year, and we’ve heard your concerns that you’ll run out of things to do. Here are just a few ideas to get you through the times ahead.
Vacations are great, but let’s get real about it for a minute–they can cost a pretty penny to plan and execute, especially when you’ve got a large family. Still, taking time to relax and enjoy the summer is key to feeling refreshed and re-energized for the months ahead.
4 Ways to Avoid the Summer Break Blues
Summer is finally here, which means you’ll need to find some creative ways to keep your kids active for the long days ahead. Whether you have little ones or older children in high school, we’ve got activities the entire family will enjoy. Check out these fun and engaging ways to keep your kids busy and make the most of the summer days ahead.
Bake a Fishy Father's Day Treat
From dads to stepdads to trusted figures who fill that role in our lives, there’s a lot for sons and daughters of any age to celebrate on Father’s Day. Show the big guy just how much he matters with a delightful dessert that brings a new meaning to the word “fishy.”
Budget Friendly Homegating Party Tips
These budget-friendly homegating party ideas will make your next football gathering a blast!
Homegating Tailgating Ideas
Even if fall football doesn’t look exactly the way it did this time last year, we still think there’s plenty of fun and safe ways to get into the tailgating spirit right in your own driveway. Here are a few easy tips and ideas on how to host your very own homegating party this fall with Sparkle® Paper Towels as part of your all-star defense.
Halloween: Pumpkin Seed Candy
Here’s to our favorite round, orange squash that brings us so much joy every fall season. It got us thinking that pumpkins should really stick around longer than they do once Halloween has come and gone.
Turkey Cooking Guide
Thanksgiving is coming up once again and it’s time to talk turkey—specifically, just how much turkey you’ll need to feed the intimate gathering of people at your table this year. Too little and you’ll find yourself scrambling to make ends meet with your sides; too much and you’ll be swimming in leftover turkey for days (wait, is that a bad thing?).
Your Holiday Planning Checklist
Take a look below for a super-simple, week-by-week guide and don’t forget to stock up on Sparkle® paper towels for all the prepping, cleaning and serving to come!
Winter White Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Nothing says the holidays quite like the white stuff—and by white stuff, we of course mean anything you can cover in white chocolate for a quick and crunchy treat. Get your sweet and salty fix this holiday season with these fabulously festive white chocolate-covered pretzels. They’re a cinch to make and there’s nothing to bake…score!
7 Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Great
Looking for easy ways to keep your home smelling fresh? Take items you already have in your pantry and produce a bin to naturally eliminate odor from various areas around the house. These natural ingredients are the key to a great-smelling home!
4 Easy Bathroom Cleaning Shortcuts
Want a fuss-free-clean bathroom in less time? Clean your bathroom faster and easier with these quick and easy bathroom-cleaning shortcuts.
4 Kitchen Cleaning Shortcuts
“I wish I could spend more time cleaning my kitchen,” said no one ever. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your kitchen with these 4 kitchen cleaning shortcuts.
5 Clever Cleaning On-The-Go Shortcuts
Keep life simple with a smaller cleaning list that makes cleaning less of a chore and definitely NOT a bore. Think about some of your easier tasks that, if you were to do more frequently, could help cut down on the deeper cleaning needed later.


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